Our Yarn

Not all merino is created equal.  To that end we sourced our New Zealand/Australian blended merino yarn from Biella in Italy. State-of-the-art processing enables Biella to produce yarns of outstanding quality.

A note about yarn: Merino wool makes up only 3% of New Zealand’s total wool production, the other 97% is non-merino wool, the majority of which is used in carpet production.  Of the merino produced much is committed to contracts with large companies  and the remainder is sent overseas (usually to Italy) to be blended, dyed and spun before being returned as yarn for manufacture.

Biella has been awarded all relevant quality seals in the textile industry and all mills are certified for their quality.

Biella has the preservation of the natural and community resources as a fundamental principle and all mills are certified for their compliance with international ecological standards.

Our yarn is a 2 ply folded yarn with a very fine yarn count for better fabric density to ensure the garment holds its shape and resists pilling.
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