Caring for your Merino

Wool is a product of nature and a few simple measures will ensure your garments remain in great condition over time.  However they can easily be ruined by incorrect care.  The following offers some simple instruction for looking after your wool garments. 

NB.  Always ensure you read the label for specific care instructions, as they may vary.

Hand Wash
We recommend hand washing.
Use lukewarm water and mild wool detergent.
Avoid the use of soap flakes or fabric softener.
Soak in lukewarm water then gently massage your garment (don’t rub). Rinse in lukewarm water.  Do not wring garment.
Remove excess water by rolling in a towel.
Lay flat to dry out of sunlight.
Machine Wash
Whilst we do not recommend machine-washing in a top-leading machine most merino will wash well in a modern front-loading machine. Front loaders do not have an agitator and are therefore gentler on clothing – gentle enough to emulate hand washing!  If you decide to machine wash in your front-loader, choose the most delicate cycle and ensure the water temperature is no higher than 30C. Turn your garment inside out and place in a laundry bag.
Cover garment with a clean cotton cloth and use a steam iron on a wool setting.
Tumble Drying
Merino is an extremely quick drying product therefore we do not recommend tumble-drying as it uses excess energy and wears out your product.
Dry Cleaning
Whilst our merino is dry cleanable we only recommend it for dealing with stains that hand washing cannot remove.
Pilling is the accumulation of tiny balls caused by the friction of wearing on new woolen garments.  We recommend de-pilling the garment before washing, using a wool comb then wash as instructed.  After a few washes you should find that the pilling disappears.  Frequent washing will help prevent further pilling.
Moth Damage
To avoid moth damage we recommend that you store your woolen garments in a draw or breathable zip up plastic bag. Moths aren't so much attracted to the fibre, but to the food, dirt, perspiration or body oils on a garment.  Regular washing can help prevent moth damage.
Repairing your Merino
If you happen to snag your garment or suffer moth damage please contact us and we can arrange to have it repaired at our factory for a small cost.
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